Ten Series

The Rolfing Ten Series systematically addresses imbalances in your fascial network over the course of 10 sessions. If you have never received Rolfing before, this is a good place to start. The Ten Series first frees your superficial fascia then addresses deep restrictions, with each session building upon the previous to create support for the next level of release. Here is an overview of what happens in each session:

  1. Enhance breath. The first session focuses on structures affecting breathing. We will work on your chest, ribs, and shoulders. There is also some work on the hips.
  2. Provide support. The second session focuses on your lower legs and feet. This session is intended to better connect you to the ground and to provide a strong foundation of support for the rest of your body.
  3. Open the sides. The third session focuses on the sides of your body from your armpits to your knees. This session is intended to give your body more depth, from front to back.
  4. Connect lower body to core. The fourth session is the first of the truly deep Rolfing sessions. We will address the inner line of your legs from your feet to your inner thighs and pelvis.
  5. Connect upper body to core. In the fifth session we will addresses the front of your body from your chest to the deep structures of your abdomen and pelvis.
  6. Open the back. The sixth session focuses on the back of your body from your calves to your back. The goal of this session is to allow your legs, pelvis, and spine to move independent of one another.
  7. Orient the head on the spine. The seventh session, the last of the deep Rolfing sessions, focuses on your head, neck, and face. The goal is to allow your head to rest with ease on top of your spine.
  8. Integration. The eighth session is the first of three integration sessions that close the ten-series. The work will be lighter during this and the subsequent sessions, and you will be asked to be more involved—for instance flexing or extending a joint during the work or focusing your breath more consciously. In this eighth Rolfing session, we will focus primarily on any remaining trouble areas in your lower body.
  9. Integration. The ninth session, another integration session, will focus primarily on any remaining trouble areas in your upper body.
  10. Whole-body integration. The last session of the Rolfing ten-series covers the entire body. The work is superficial as we address any restrictions affecting healthy movement at your joints.

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